At Xpress Mobile Marketing we take pride in bringing the mobile world to the small business world. This is done through mobile applications (IOS and Android) and also through the mobile web.

Why do you NEED a Mobile Website?


Every business knows that their customers are the most important piece of their business. Without customers, there is no business. What companies get a retain the most amount of customers? The answer is not rocket science, it is the companies that provide the best service, the best experience and the best products that keep and gain customers. Did you know that 52% of Americans user their devices while browsing in-store in order to research the product online.

In 2014, part of the way to provide the best experience and service is to serve your company’s content, products, services and value on a mobile device. 4 out of 5 consumers uses smartphones to shop. That is a devastating stat if your business is not mobile ready. I know what you are thinking, I don’t sell my products or services online, so this doe snot pertain to me. Let me stop you right now. Just because you do not sell online does not mean people aren’t shopping for your products and services online. Doing a search on the phone for a restaurant, hair salon, grocery store, etc are all being done on smartphones. Which business are you going to choose? The site that is nearly impossible to navigate on your phone or the site that looks great and is easy to navigate from a phone?

What Advantages Does a Mobile App Have Over a Mobile Website?

Apps - Tile Icons on Smart Phone

Mobile applications take the shopping experience a step further. Have you ever thought, I wish I could do something today to drum up some extra business? With a mobile application and Push Notifications, you can do just that. Within a few seconds you can log into your dashboard and send a message to all your customers. This can be a time sensitive coupon or offer. You can even choose a geographic location to send this message to. Let’s pretend you really want to sell your chicken wrap today. Send a message to everyone who is within 5 miles of your restaurant saying “chicken wrap lunch special today only $5 for the next hour. Can you see how beneficial this could be to your business? I haven’t even told you the best part.

Push notifications have an open rate of over 95%. This blows away email marketing and almost ensures your message reaches the target.

Fan Walls within our applications allow you to directly communicate with your customers. This is a live chat dialogue you can have with your customers and customers can have with each other 24/7. Want to talk about getting instant feedback, wow does this baby let you gather vital business information.

Loyalty cards within our app allow you to create offers that keep your customers coming back. Simple and easy to use, these “digital punch cards” get used 60% more often than their traditional paper counterparts.

Social Media integration gives your customers access to the platforms they already use and enjoy to interact with your business. A customer or potential customer is more likely to choose a business that provides consistent, updated information on a variety of platforms. 40% of shoppers consult 3 or more channels (often while shopping) before making a purchase.

Mobile Apps Promo Sheet

Promoting your application is easy, we provide QR codes and POS ads to help you do just that. If you really want to ramp up your application, offer a special discount that is only available on your app or offer an incentive to your customers for downloading your app.