Mobile Marketing Strategy: Choosing Wireless to Extend Your Lead Foundation and Amplify Your Sales

Mobile Marketing Strategy: Choosing Wireless to Extend Your Lead Foundation and Amplify Your Sales

Posted by on Jan 27, 2014 in Mobile Marketing Tips

With the ever-evolving technological capabilities and an abundance of smartphones to choose from nowadays, businesses both small and big need to think about “going mobile” if they have not already. Read on to discover even more about exactly how going mobile can broaden your customer base and enhance your sales!

With these gadgets being so multi-functional, the value of having your website “mobile-friendly” for mobile marketing has actually never been more crucial to your business’ survival in the competitive online marketplace. Mobile advertising shares a growing opportunity for businesses to establish and flourish. Even the tiniest of players can have a huge impact in the mobile marketplace if they “go mobile” with their business’s site.

If you’re still unconvinced of the many advantages of going mobile for your company, review on for some reasons why mobile advertising, or “going mobile”, is necessary to your business.

Factor #1 To Go Mobile: Your Consumers Already Have!

With the growing popularity of mobile searches (which have actually quadrupled since 2010), your customers have actually already gone mobile. Businesses worldwide are currently taking advantage of the mobile platform to engage and connect with their customers. If you desire to remain a competitive player in the online marketplace, your business should have a completely functional mobile site.

Factor #2 To Go Mobile: Ease of Use

Smartphones and tablets are all the rage nowadays. While obviously desktop and laptop are still being offered in shops and used day-to-day by individuals around the world, mobile access to your company’s website makes it easy and practical for those who are “on-the-go”. For example, smartphones are highly used as a shopping and/or acquiring device, with 79 % of smartphones owners using their gadget to obtain even more info about an item or service they want while on-the-go (and not at their computers). Smartphones are quickly becoming an extremely hassle-free way of not only accessing details, but also buying essential items and/or services. For that reason, if your business’ website is optimized for mobile usage, it will not just make it much easier for users to navigate your website and find what they’re looking for, it will also make them more likely to acquire items and/or services from your company. Remember that effective mobile internet sites are created for the little screen. For this reason, you’ll wish to guarantee that your clients’ mobile experience is a positive one, as it has been discovered that a bad mobile experience can actually drive your customers to your competitors.

Factor #3 To Go Mobile: It Expands Your Client Base By Increasing Your Visibility

By using the mobile platform and enhancing your business’ internet site for mobile usage, you are expanding your client base through enhancing your online exposure. This is the essence of mobile marketing, and means that even more people are able to find you. This creates better opportunities to receive and retain consumers. The notion of location-based searches on mobile devices showing appropriate business details (i.e. company info, examines, maps, etc.) will also assist to bring in even more neighborhood consumers.

Factor # 4 To Go Mobile: It Drives Leads, Purchases, and Overall Customers to Your Business

Did you understand that more than 50% of mobile searches actually lead to purchases? And this number is just going to grow in the coming years as customers continue to use and trust mobile sites. With 70% of mobile users utilizing their phones to access services and product costs together with other related information, this is a bandwagon that you’re going to desire to get on if you wish to drive leads, purchases, and overall business to your company and retain a competitive advantage in mobile commerce.

For the aforementioned reasons (and many even more!), your company ought to consider mobile marketing in order to maximize the apparently limitless opportunities mobile offers. In order to do well in business today, you have to evolve with the times. And right now, that suggests not just having a fully practical desktop company website, but likewise having a mobile site that is both easily available and easy to navigate. Doing this will allow your company to much better reach its existing clients along with prospective customers, instantly.

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